Amy Weil


Back in April 2021, I posted the first in our ongoing series of Curator’s Picks. These were meant to allow us as curators to talk about a single image that caught our eye. With a framework of 200-500 words these would give us just enough space to say why we liked the piece and a few brief words about the artist.

That first Pick was of Amy Weil’s Fragmented Flag, and almost immediately I knew I had made a mistake. Not in choosing that particular image, but rather that a much broader discussion of Amy’s work was deserved. I recently caught up with Amy to rectify this.

Fragmented Flag ~ Amy Weil


Amy Weil is an encaustic and mixed media painter working in Brooklyn. She studied painting at Tyler School of Art and attended the Yale Norfolk Summer School of Art. Weil lives and works in Brooklyn, New York and is affiliated with 440 Gallery in Brooklyn. Her recent solo show, Burnt Offerings was an installation of over 600 drawings and collages that hung from the gallery ceiling, creating an ethereal grid. Weil creates paintings that are intuitive and emotional and has developed a voice that is uniquely her own. Her work is in numerous collections in the United States and Europe.


Instagram: @circles_and_grids

~ Posted by Mark Walton