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Ruth Dick: I Say Tomato...

The COVERT Collective is pleased to be participating in Femme Folks Fest 2022. Today we are re-posting an interview by Ruth Dick, who is one of the 8 female artists featured in Projections, an open air display of fine art being projected in Uptown Waterloo, ON.

They took it down and it said, you violated our community standards on nudity and sex… I objected and I clicked the “This is not what it seems” option or “not what you think it is” or whatever it was. They reinstated (the post) and they sent me a notice of reinstatement with a little thumbnail of the damn tomato… which I took a screenshot of and posted to say I’ve been reinstated… and they banned me again.

Ruth Dick: I Say Tomato…

Ruth Dick is a prolific photographer from Ottawa. She was one of our very first featured artists here at curated. where I wrote:

“Ruth Dick is a master at capturing the solitary. Almost every image she takes focuses intently on a single object, somehow stimulating a desire to engage in self-reflection… Like O’Keefe, Ruth is able to conjure up form and substance in abstract ways that deftly imbue her images with fresh import. A pepper is not a pepper.”

Things are still not quite what they seem. Her racy photographs have recently caused quite a bit of controversy, and have even been meta-banned. I spoke to Ruth about the implications of this in a recent conversation. You can listen to the podcast above.

More images by Ruth can be enjoyed on her Instagram account @photos_uncurated. ~ Mark Walton

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