Lori Coulter

this piece is tilted... loose page by Lori Coulter

When you view Lori Coulter’s work, it’s almost as if she is revealing a secret. There is a divination of something much deeper than the just objects she uses to create her art… the pieces seem almost talismanic.

I spoke to Lori Coulter recently from her studio in Ottawa Ontario.



Lori Brethour Coulter is a mixed media assemblage artist living and working in Ottawa, ON, Canada. Included in her work are a variety of found and created objects such as hand made paper and wax castings, old bottles, found photos, vintage textiles and book remnants. Works are contained in found old frames with a shadowbox built onto the back to create depth for the sculptural nature of her work. Transforming various types of receptacles, whether that be baskets, bottles, books or boats is a continuing fascination. Imbuing them with themes of longing and loss, strength and fragility, and loneliness and inclusivity are a constant throughout Brethour Coulter’s art practise.

Lori has been involved in art making for over 30 years. Having worked with various private collections in Canada, United States, France and the UK, her work has been exhibited at venues in Ottawa such as Atrium Gallery, Canadian Museum of Nature, The National Arts Centre,


Instagram: @lorilcoulter

~ Posted by Mark Walton