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Lowell Shaver | Process

Lowell Shaver | Process
The Old School House Arts Centre
122 Fern Road West,
Qualicum Beach, B.C.

Lowell shaver is a builder with a secret hobby of darkroom photography processing.

His exhibition at The Old School House (running until May 4th) is a peek into your favorite basement shoebox of old photographs. Hung on clips and mounted onto little boards, silver toned edges foxing from a light sand, his artworks feel like every summer you dreamed you’d had. Woodpiles and work boots on driftwood, sandwiches, children running shrieking in the wind, long stretches of blurry sun, the cacophony of dogs and water and kids. A nostalgia of coastal life. Echoes of car headlights processed in little ellipses- the work feels at home.

Three generations of coastal island living, worth coming to take a look at if you’re in the area- Tuesday through Saturday 10-4.

~ Illana Hester