Mathew McCarthy

At first glance, the “florals” shot by Mathew McCarthy resemble some sort of memento mori with their desiccated seed pods, dried petals and withered roots and stems. One is also reminded of scientific drawings from the early 19th century. They are appear to be a mash-up of Charles Darwin and Tina Modotti, a split between the technical and the romantic.

McCarthy is a respected, Canadian photojournalist who has recently ventured into the world of gardening and the selling of seeds. Like the illustrations drawn by those vaunted explorers of the past, Mathew’s work exhibits a high degree of skill and aestheticism. His photos are beautiful for their own sake, and offer us a respite from the troubles of our day.


Mathew McCarthy has been a photojournalist for thirty years and a gardener for about 10 years. Combining the two was inevitable.

“I’ve always loved plants but I’m bored of the traditional happy flower photo. Photographing plants that are in decline or a bisect of a bud is far more interesting to me. I like the idea of looking at something that is traditionally seen as bright and colourful and seeing it through a darker eye.”

~ Posted by Mark Walton