Shira Gold

‎curated. co-editor and curator Peppa Martin chats with photographer Shira Gold, about the intersection of photography, mental health and emotional wellness. This podcast was first published at thecommotion.ca

curated. theme music: Shipwrecked by Isaiah Steinberg, used with permission.

Shira Gold is a fine art photographer who creates images of stillness and beauty from complicated and painful moments. “My art is alert to the discomfort we all face in our daily lives,” she explains, “but I want to turn pain and angst on its side to discover the beauty that accompanies our struggles.” Drawing on her relationships as a daughter and a mother, Shira’s work explores the universal subjects of grief, change, discovery, and wonder.

Website: https://www.shiragold.com/
Instagram: @shiragoldphotography

~ Peppa Martin