Different Water

A Discussion on Art featuring work by Chrystal Gray and Mayra Perez
Whiskey Bottle by Mayra Perez, Mask and Doll by Chrystal Gray

curated. editor Mark Walton and contributor Bart Gazzola sat down to talk about the works of Mayra Perez and Chrystal Gray, as a stepping stone to consider the multiplicities of Art, as relates specifically to Perez and Gray’s works, but also how we choose to define Art (in many differing, yet overlapping, ways) that can be universal, but also very personal.

We touch on a number of artists and thinkers who inform our considerations about this lively and vibrant topic, and have shared links to some of the people and ideas we mention in our conversation below. The title of Different Water is a nod to the aphorism of how many go to the same well, yet come back with different water, and is very applicable to the visual arts, as well.


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Mayra Perez is an artist living in Toronto, Canada. Since childhood, she has been passionate about the arts. Although her love for watercolour painting and illustration began in 2016, she has since started dabbling with various painting, drawing, and mixing colour methods.


Instagram: @greenoveralls_art_ 

photo by Robert Wilson

Chrystal Gray is a Winnipeg-based multi-disciplinary artist who has been making art for as long as she can remember. Starting with classes as a child at the WAG, Chrystal found work making banners and posters for a local cinema showing old movies starting at age 12! Today she is concentrating on creating felt figures for animation and recently received a grant to further explore this practice.

~ Posted by Mark Walton and Bart Gazzola